Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding

Emphasising on common carrier services ACL offers complete logistics solution to its customers from the point of manufacturing their products to finally delivering the product to the final consumer or the point of sale. Its services as a freight forwarder generally indicate hiring the carrier services to move the shipment from one port to another via best possible short, feasible and safe route. Since it works as a forwarder its services to the customer answers to the following questions:

  • Which carrier would be convenient for the shipment?
  • Which time would be suitable for the shipment?
  • What should be the charges for the shipment?

Besides, ACL as a forwarder offers documentation services like preparing bill of lading, commercial invoicing, export declaration, etc. With such a package of services under one roof the customer does not need to go anywhere else or expense out his budget in hiring other services from any other solution provider to fulfill his all requirements.




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